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Titling the Research Outline
Title of a research outline is very important. All of researchers must be able to determining a title that will be the first thing that will be read by reader. Actually, before determining the title of our research outline we must determine the problem first. The problem must relate with our major field study, so as English students we should focus on our major field study only. Finally we can say that the title of our research outline is depending on the problem that we have investigated.
Background is the basic of all types of academic writing such as article, papers or report. In the background we should provide theories that support our research later. Generally background must explain about any basic elements:
1. Background should be begun with introduction to the problem that you concern. We also need to write down some theories that support our investigation
2. Background should contain and explain about the reality
3. Background must be ended by the description of significant of the research conducted.
Defining the Term
We should explain or definite the terms that we use in our research. Actually the terms that we should definite are the key term only. In defining the terms we must use the relevant dictionary with our research such as the Longman dictionary of language teaching and applied linguistics.
Setting of the Problem
Problem is an asymmetry of theory and practice. In this part we must be able to make a simple problem become look like a serious problem.
Identification of the Problem
To display the specific problem in our research we must identify the problem first. This part is aimed to find out the specific problem in our research. The identification of the problem can be stated in interrogative or affirmative form, but remember that we must consistent with the form.
Limitation of the Problem
Limitation problem is very important in a research paper. A researcher cannot investigate all of the problems that have been identified in the identification of the problem because of his weaknesses, so researcher needs to limit the problem that will be conducted in our research.
Formulation of the Problem
The problem that will we formulate is about our research question, where the goals of our research is to answer these research questions.

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