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The Effect of Globalization on Nationalism Values Among Youths

Globalization so quickly enmeshed in the society especially among the young. The influence of globalization on young people is also very strong. The influence of globalization has made many young people we lose ourselves as a nation Indonesia personality. This is indicated by symptoms that arise in the everyday lives of young people today.From how to dress a lot of our teenagers who dress up like celebrities who tends to Western culture. They use minimal clothing materials that show body parts that should not be visible. In terms of dress code is clearly not fit with our culture. Not to forget the style of their hair dyed various colors. In short, if people would rather be someone else with a way to cover his identity. Not many teenagers who want to preserve the national cultural heritage by wearing clothing that polite in accordance with the personality of the nation.Internet technology is a technology that provides unlimited information and can be accessed by anyone. What else for the young Internet has become their daily meal. If used properly of course we get a useful benefit. But if not, we will incur losses. And now, many students and students who use improper. For example to open a porn sites. Not just the internet alone, there are again obliged to handle them that is mobile. Social Sense of community becomes non-existent because they prefer busy using the phone.Judging from the attitudes, many young people do not know his behavior and manners tend to be ignored there is no sense of caring for the environment. Because globalization embrace freedom and openness so that they act at will. Real examples of motorcycle gang youth who commit acts of violence which disturb peace and comfort of society.If the effects on left, not what becomes of the young genersi? Moral generation becomes corrupt, anarchic action arising between the young group. Relationship to the value of nationalism will be reduced because there is no sense of love towards his own nation's culture and sense of caring towards the community. Whereas the younger generation is the successor to the future of the nation. What are the consequences if the successor of the nation do not have a sense of nationalism?Based on the analysis and description of the negative effects of globalization more than the positive effect. Therefore necessary steps to anticipate the negative impact of globalization on the value of nationalism.• Anticipate Negative Effect of Globalization on Nationalism ValueThe steps to anticipate the negative impact of globalization on the values of nationalism, among others, namely:1. Fostering a strong spirit of nationalism, i.e the spirit of love domestic products.2. Inculcate and practice the values of Pancasila best.3. Embedding and implement the teachings of religion with the best.4. Realizing the rule of law, implement and enforce the law within the meaning of truth and fairly as possible.5. Selective about the impact of globalization in the political, ideological, economic, social and cultural nation.With the anticipated steps are expected to fend off the impact of globalization that can alter the value of nationalism to the nation. So we will not lose the personality of the nation.

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