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Reading - Writing - Language

  Students can be consolidated knowledge of the language, language skills can get training, learning motivation can be maintained, the enthusiasm of English and interest can be stable, with students reading a large extent are closely linked.

First, to consolidate the learning by reading the words, or even expand your vocabulary.
Mitsuo Okazaki of Japan on the word memory test showed that: after the English words to remember, if you do not review every day can keep 90%, 60% can be maintained every day, every 4-7 days then forget about 60% -70%, every three weeks only a vague impression. This shows that our students will need in the after-school memories repeatedly learned the language of knowledge. but most teachers will have their students memorize words mechanically, as no alternative junior high school students with no Experience but to follow suit. In this way, students must feel dull, the effect is certainly not ideal, in which the mentality of repression under the memory, the passage of time can not stick to it. But what they have learned to consolidate the vocabulary for it, not only did not increase vocabulary, however, reduced. I learn every lesson the students about a dozen new words to ask them first wife in the textbook book on student counseling, that is <> to find the corresponding interesting story or dialogue to read, sometimes I'm in the press magazine, some of them used colorful, illustrated, innovative, and strong sense of the times, the difficulty level is quite learned with the corresponding short happy to read them; or some of their code corresponding to their dialogue, short for their reading . dialogue, short practice after the contents of what they have learned as much as possible with the relevant vocabulary.
Second, reading proficiency is not only familiar and common sentence patterns learned
Students want to learn English vocabulary is important, but remember that isolated words alone are not enough proficiency in English sentence or not, a direct impact on English learning. In the existing textbooks, the students used to grasp sentence Structure of the reproduction rate of less than a sentence memory requirements of the law, that the sentence structure of the sentence first appeared in this module, and some may have to repeat it again several modules. In addition, class size too much, there are many in the classroom counseling students are not in place, especially in rural middle school students. But there are a considerable number of students in the classroom there is no clear, so that there are many students learned sentence structure is often unfamiliar, perception is poor, resulting in the brain than long stay in the decoding process, the delay can not read the statement, so in English teaching, I often encounter this situation: students learn English for a few years later, although a certain vocabulary, but also by teachers step the text translated into Chinese, or not knowing Italian; many students will recognize and read the text, but rather on the degree of difficulty with the text of reading material, you can not read or read very slowly; a lot of students can be mechanically to recite a lot of sentence patterns and grammatical rules, but not flexibility. For these situations, some of the students completion of each sentence, I rule under the memory to provide students with the sentence structure of the sentence and the degree of difficulty quite short texts, to read the dialogue. These essays, dialogue, practice as much as possible the design around the characteristics of the relevant sentence structure is important to learn English in the ring.

Third, the reading will improve their writing skills essential
English can not do without writing. Writing can not only consolidate the knowledge of the language is also an important means of communication. At present, English teaching writing has been the weakest link, is where students find most difficult. In the current junior high school students assignments in general reflect the problems are: vocabulary, too, would like to express a sense of the word is used to write to, semantic coherence is not natural; statement is not fluent; Chinese English abound and so on. how to improve their writing ability? How should we view the performance of junior secondary students in writing out these problems? recover its roots, that is, too few students vocabulary, sentence patterns are not familiar with, not to use, the lack of writing skills and language convergence.
How to solve these problems? Adhere to train a large number of reading writing thinking, effective way to improve writing skills. Words can not only expand the amount of reading, to consolidate learning vocabulary, know the common patterns required to master, and can learn a lot of writing is often used the interface language, idioms, sentence patterns to express their views. students have basic knowledge of the writing, writing would be handy, there are patterns to mimic the writing of the sentence to comply with the expressions in English, you can write a coherent language and structural integrity, the statement clear and coherent essay. see, read but also improve the ability of middle school students writing one of the most effective way.
Four reading problems
1. Vocabulary inadequate. Practice shows that the reading comprehension ability of students limited vocabulary, vocabulary, large, new words encountered in reading less, the speed to fast, to understand the correct rate will be high, small vocabulary is, and vice versa Of course, some look familiar but do not know the exact meaning of the word or phrase, will create obstacles to reading comprehension, while the junior high school students master the vocabulary itself is limited, if not pay attention to the accumulation of normal, in reading will increase the difficulty. In teaching students, I found that although the basis of certain words, but they derived word or part of speech in the face of change will feel strange word, so difficult to read, which students in the reading process would easily lead to frustration sense of making the students lose interest in reading or lose confidence, thereby creating a negative cycle.
2. Grammatical knowledge is not solid. In reading, students in case of a long, difficult sentences, often not properly identified and analyzed, resulting in failure to understand. For example, reading materials used in some places in the parenthesis, in some places is sentence, which makes the complex sentence structure, while the grammar is always difficult to break through the students, the difficulty for students to feel a headache, if a material difficulties in the emergence of a number grammar, students will find this article too difficult, can not understand and lose confidence.
Fifth, stimulating interest in learning to read, and enhance the confidence of students to learn English
About the students interest in learning English, they will naturally think of the children began to learn English, their strong curiosity, interest in learning English is very strong, but emotionally unstable, unclear learning objectives, interest in learning English is not easy preserved. The interest of middle school students learning English are many factors, including vocabulary, sentence structure and common sense, reading ability is of interest in learning English an important factor. read through perseverance can solve these problems, because reading to consolidate and expand the vocabulary, sentence structure and meaning of familiar common can broaden their knowledge. long-term reading can develop good reading habits, improve reading speed, winning learning time, reduce the pressure of study, students do not think English is difficult Science. Every time they read a sentence or an article or a conversation, they have a sense of accomplishment, they really do not know how happy they want to learn English will be full of confidence. At the same time, some reading passages rich content, humor , close to the student's real life, fun; some knowledge of a wide coverage, wide range of topics, genres and diverse, plain text, language easy to understand, illustrated, but also the learning methods and techniques, etc., help to enhance the participation of students awareness, improve their ability to actually use the language; some basic synchronization and junior high school textbooks, teaching materials help to complement and extend and deepen the students understanding and mastery of teaching materials.
In conclusion, do a good job reading training, especially in junior high school reading entry phase of training, not only helps to develop good reading habits, consolidate or even master the junior common sentence patterns, and expand vocabulary and knowledge, but also expand the horizons enrich school life, to learn modern English; but also to stimulate students interest in learning English, and enhance their motivation and confidence to learn English, understand the meaning and value of learning English, to experience the fun of learning English, so boring school life becomes colorful; for a wide range of reading can also improve the effectiveness of teaching. in large part to reduce the pressure on students to learn English, English teaching reform in promoting a great Research value.

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