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Students' Characteristics and Teaching Methods

What teaching methods and activities suit different learning styles?
1.    The Four Modalities
a.    Visual
·         Use many visuals in the classroom. For example, wall displays posters, realia, flash cards, graphic organizers etc.
b.    Auditory
·         Use audio tapes and videos, storytelling, songs, jazz chants, memorization and drills
·         Allow learners to work in pairs and small groups regularly.
c.    Kinesthetic
·         Use physical activities, competitions, board games, role plays etc.
·         Intersperse activities which require students to sit quietly with activities that allow them to move around and be active
d.    Tactile
·         Use board and card games, demonstrations, projects, role plays etc.
·         Use while-listening and reading activities. For example, ask students to fill in a table while listening to a talk, or to label a diagram while reading
2.    Field-independent vs. field-dependent
a.    Field-independent
·         Let students work on some activities on their own
b.    Field-dependent
·         Let students work on some activities in pairs and small groups
3.    Left-brain vs. right-brain dominated
a.    Left-brain dominated
·         Give verbal instructions and explanations
·         Set some closed tasks to which students can discover the "right" answer
b.    Right-brained dominated
·         Write instructions as well as giving them verbally
·         Demonstrate what you would like students to do
·         Give students clear guidelines, a structure, for tasks
·         Set some open-ended tasks for which there is no "right" answer
·         Use media and other things that students can manipulate while learning
·         Sometimes allow students to respond by drawing
4.    McCarthy's four learning styles
a.    Innovative learners
·         Use cooperative learning activities and activities in which students must make value judgments
·         Ask students to discuss their opinions and beliefs
b.    Analytic learners
·         Teach students the facts
c.    Common sense learners
·         Use problem-solving activities
d.    Dynamic learners
·         Ask students about their feelings
·         Use a variety of challenging activities

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