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Teaching Method

The wide variety of method appears as the teachers’ option in the world sometimes confuses rather than comports. It happened because every method is based on the experts’ views in defining what is language and how a language is learned. All methods have their own views in defining what language is and how a language is learned where every view is very different each other. Some methods also recommend apparently strange and unfamiliar classroom techniques and practices. So, the methods are hard to locate, obscurely written, and difficult to understand. Above all, teacher (practitioner) is often bewildered by the lack of any comprehensive theory of what an approach and method are. Say for example “suggestopedia” is a method that developed by Lazanov where the most conspicuous characteristics of suggestopedia are the decoration, furniture, and arrangement of the classroom, the use of music and the authoritative behavior of the teacher. This method will not effective if it is applied in our country because the method is appropriate for some countries only such as Bulgaria, and Brazil.

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cited from Richard's book.

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