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How to improve their English reading comprehension

To improve their English reading comprehension is one of the main purpose of English teaching, and reading ability but also to promote other areas such as listening, speaking and writing skills development. This paper analyzes the present situation of teaching high school English and reading problems , and proposed to improve English reading ability of students methods and techniques, so that the students comprehensive language ability can be improved.

Reading in the form of high school students curricular, extra-curricular learning reading, understanding, reading and daily life in informative reading. The so-called learning of reading is that students learn how to read essays from the textbook, dialogue, or related materials The story began, the plain reading. learning emphasizes reading focuses on reading speed, understand its main content, cultivate interest in reading and good reading habits; comprehensive reading is obtained by reading the article expressed thoughts, feelings and information, therefore, selection must be extensive, the ease of the article to be slightly higher than the level of the students, the students should focus on understanding the effect the article and understand the author's intention, in order to gain certain knowledge; Information on reading what people read in their daily lives English newspapers, magazines, letters, brochures, and advertising. It focuses on one aspect of the students to obtain information. Therefore, training students to read, you can combine these three to read through the massive, long-term manner Read the training and continue to receive new information, find that reading methods, reading skills to master in order to expand their existing knowledge structure, to improve their reading level. However, because most of the English language foundation is weak, not interested in English, in addition, poor students Teaching reading habits and reading backward to a certain extent, affected the students in English reading ability.
A high school English reading and problems of Teaching
1. Backwardness of teaching English reading. In English reading teaching, they use a "bottom-up" reading mode, which emphasizes the order first read the letters, words, phrases, and then the sentences, paragraphs and discourse. read in the reading process, according to my brain in the syntax and semantics of existing knowledge to predict the reading materials, the traditional teaching of reading is very easy to enable students to develop reading habits of the translation word for word, is not conducive to the students in English the Development of thinking, affecting the reading speed; it will also focus the attention of the students in the words of the details, undermining the integrity of the article, ignoring the overall understanding of the article, leading to the quantity of reading is not enough.
2. Students in poor reading habits. This problem lies in the following aspects: First, students encounter a new turn to a dictionary, passage of time will not be able to read without a dictionary to develop the habit of independent thinking and thus lose and problem-solving ability, can not grasp the overall implementation of the article, the article can not be good to understand the effect. Second, the repeated reading comprehension would interfere with the concentration, and thus slow down the reading speed, so that students lose interest in reading. Therefore, to improve students to read self-confidence is very important. Third, the students read such a widespread behavior - mental translation, that while reading the side of translation. The purpose is to develop English reading English language sense, and improve reading proficiency, it should be in a foreign language to solve problems, mental translation is clearly undesirable.
Therefore, only the above to correct and overcome bad reading habits, to improve their reading levels.
Second, to improve high school English reading skills
1. With a skimming method, grasp the central idea of the article. Skimming is the fastest speed in the article to grasp the main contents of the article to get the names, places, events or locations, and other key information. In reading should pay attention to the continuity of reading , they do not know a word or phrase Do not bother to look up the dictionary, it will interrupt the understanding of the article ideas. for students according to their level of reading an interesting choice of reading material to practice, no advance preparation, required by the speed limit after reading the article to grasp the central idea, and then test their predictions, so that the students not only develop the ability of comprehensive induction, but also help students in reading more clearly grasp the main contents of the article. Links to free paper download 2. With a problem read the full text. Use this method to do reading comprehension questions, you can understand the problem is subjective or objective test questions, you can understand each Road, the various options contained in the information to be targeted quickly read the article, comparative analysis of access to relevant information and effectively eliminate interference items, find the correct answer.
3. Grasp the topic sentence. Topic sentence is usually located in the first sentence of each paragraph, last sentence, a few in the section. Every article has a central idea, around the center of each paragraph is to start in each paragraph and has a topic sentence to express the central idea of the paragraph, and other sentences are sentences to write on this theme. so students can read the article the subject of each sentence by seeking to grasp the entire article to the effect.
4. Guess the meaning. Read the article students usually encounter some unfamiliar words. When some students are conditioned to the help of a dictionary, which is to improve reading comprehension is very unfavorable, not only interrupted the article coherence, but also affect the speed of reading. So when high school students to learn to read the article guess meaning, this can greatly improve the reading speed. meaning of words in the article can be understood through the context to guess the inference, but also with synonyms, antonyms, and word-building relationships to understand the meaning of the sentence or paragraph.
Third, improve their reading comprehension methods
1. Expand the students vocabulary. A number of students to master the vocabulary, the students decide the strength of English reading comprehension. Affect reading comprehension there are many factors, such as vocabulary, background knowledge of the article, the use of reading skills mother-tongue reading ability. If the English vocabulary is not enough, a lot of words, word, word recognition can not be properly understood, so no matter what kind of reading method, do not fundamentally improve reading ability.
To senior high school students in English reading comprehension level of students key vocabulary, vocabulary, the greater the ability to understand the whole article on the stronger. If a student not reach a certain vocabulary, it is difficult to analysis, to understand and infer the effect of articles. Therefore, to improve their English reading comprehension, teachers should teach students ways to improve vocabulary, such as for example law, word formation, polysemy, etc., to expand their English vocabulary teach students to context and according to the context root, affixes to infer meaning of the word, etc., to remove the obstacles encountered in reading comprehension.
2. To consolidate the students knowledge of grammar. Reading comprehension Another crucial factor is the syntax, grammar is the foundation to learn a language is a group of words into sentences rules. Master and apply the correct knowledge of grammar, such as skilled master verb tense, voice, modal verbs and a variety of clauses, etc., all help to improve their English reading comprehension.
3. To expand the students knowledge. Reading speed and knowledge of the width has a great relationship, if a student understand the English-speaking countries of the relevant historical knowledge, cultural background and knowledge of social life, then the reading speed will be fast; contrast If the content of reading material is very strange, then, the reading speed will be very slow. Teachers should ask students in their daily lives to enhance learning and reading exercises, more reading of articles in different topics, learn a wide range of knowledge, improve their reading speed .
In short, the English reading ability is a gradual process, is the integrated use of process knowledge of English, your reading in the long-term adherence. As an English teacher to deal with all aspects of teaching reading lessons put forward practical goals and plans for different reading materials with focus on training, in order to get the best training effect. students improve reading ability, writing ability and speaking ability also will be a corresponding increase, so that students comprehensive language ability can be improved.

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