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Tips and Tricks in Listening

When I was learning in  my listening class, my lecturer said some tips or tricks in listening. Because of the importance of listening in learning and teaching Language, all of my friends paid attention to her.  They are:
  •  Usually it is important to paraphrase and use our own words in verbalizing your understanding of the message. Parroting back the word verbatim is annoying and does not ensure accurate understanding the message
  •  Depending on the purpose of the interaction and your understanding of what is relevant, you could reflect back the other persons
  • Do not respond to just the meaning of the words, look for the feeling or intent beyond the words. The dictionary or surface meaning of the words or code used by the sender is not he message
  • Inhibit your impulse  to immediately answer questions. The code may be in the form of question. Sometimes people ask questions when they really want to express themselves and are not open to hearing an answer.
  • Know when to quit using active listening. Once you accurately understand the sender’s message, it may be appropriate to respond with your own message. Don’t use active listening to hide and avoid revealing your own position
  •  If you are confused and know you do not understand, either tell the person you do not understand and ask him/or her  to say it another way, or use your best guess. If you are incorrect, the person will realize it and will likely attempt to correct your misunderstanding
  •  Active listening is very effective first response when the other person is angry, hurt or expressing difficult feelings toward you, especially in relationships that are important to you
  • Use eye contact and listening body language. Avoid looking at your watch or the other people or activities around the room. Face and learn toward the speaker and nod your head, as it is appropriate. Be careful about crossing our arms and appearing closed or critical

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