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Become a Savvy Teacher

One of the most exciting aspects of teaching is that every day offers new ways to learn and grow. Although you can never be completely prepared for every possible question or event, your positive attitude, strong professionalism, and communication techniques will carry you far. Next year, as you reflect back on this one, total amazement at the wonder of working with young minds will energize you for another magical adventure. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help you become a savvy teacher from the outset.
Professionalism. Always be professional in your attitude, behavior, clothing selection, and overall appearance and cleanliness. Regardless of the size of the school where you teach, in a village or a city, students and parents are looking to you as a positive role model.
Advance preparation. Always be prepared with lessons that enrich, backup materials that support the lesson, and understanding of all the learners in your care. No student wants to fail. Students are counting on their teacher to make a difference in their learning now and forever.
Advice. Seek help and advice from colleagues to ensure that students succeed. Colleagues can help you improve lessons, assessments, and learning, and learn the “secrets” of the job. It is essential to learn as much about teaching as quickly as possible. Find a trusted colleague to support you as you begin your career.
Attitude, communication, and interaction. No matter what the day brings, remain positive. Even on the toughest days, students are counting on you. You will find a way to reach and teach every child. It is also possible to have a cordial relationship even with the most trying parent or colleague. Make open-house evenings, parent–teacher conferences, and other special events opportunities for stakeholders to learn about you and your expectations and for you to learn about them. Continue to learn and grow by taking at least one or two classes per year; attending professional conferences, seminars, or workshops; and joining an education-based organization, especially one with excellent publications. Other ideas include subscribing to at least one education-based periodical, teaching or team-teaching a class/workshop for colleagues, and collaborating with teachers you trust and who will make you better at the job.

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