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Learn how to Learn English, or Anything in the World

Sometimes it’s just not about how much we do but about how precise we are while doing so. We dare to say that this rule applies to every field. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, what you are studying, etc. you just need to learn to use your tools effectively. For example, when you are learning how to play an instrument, we need to focus on technique, theory and improvisation. A good recommendation for musicians is to record themselves playing, so that they can play their performance over and over again, to spot the weaknesses and work on them. Improvising and never stopping to listening what you do can be fun, especially because you always play the same scales, so you are in your comfort area. However, what happens when you find yourself in a situation where you have to adjust to new sounds, chords, styles, etc.? This is exactly where the importance of focusing on your weaknesses lies on.
          Something similar happens when you are learning languages. For example, when seeking to learn English Cairns students try to be as responsible for their learning as possible. They will get to a point where learning depends on them. Until that moment, they count on native English speaking trainers that are able to explain the cultural nuances behind the technical aspects of the language. If you know you have a grammar weakness but are fluent talking, you shouldn’t just keep doing what’s easy for you and nothing else. Doing what we know how to do might make us feel pleased, however, we will only be fulfilled once we have a good command of every aspect in our learning.
          CEO of Language Trainers Alexis Sheldon recommends that students learn to use certain tools outside the classroom in order to complement their language lessons. For example, social networks like Facebook or Twitter can put you in touch with native speakers of the language you aim to learn. This is a great idea especially if your next goal is learning the slang used in different countries, and also if you are good at theory but have a hard time applying what you’ve learnt to daily life.

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Lutfi said...

Nice info friends...

Mamuf said...

nice posting, keep sharing

Win said...

Good to know :)

If you want to learn to speak English fluently and confidently, and lose your Indonesian accent, I know a couple of good website to go to. My friends have tried it and they love it. You will too.

Martos said...

owh, nice thank you Win, I'll check it!

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